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Item Date Article Title Subject Publication Author Website Description Docs
2 05/01/2018 Parking Lot Inspection PARKING LOT INSPECTION CHECKLIST BINDY STAFF Website The parking industry is largely divided into two types: on-street parking and off-street parking. On-street parking is predominantly owned by municipalities while off-street parking is privately owned. Both types need to ensure lots are in good repair and compliant with regulations and customer expectations. Here is a sample Parking Lot Inspection Checklist to help you inspect the operations, maintenance and security of your lots. Download
3 06/01/2021 MINE SAFETY Human Factors Considerations in Addressing Mining Occupational Illnesses, Injuries, and Fatalities CDC WEBSITE CDC STAFF Website Studying how to create a safe mining workplace requires an integrated research view and characterization of the influencers on the mining workplace. Download
4 01/01/2021 MINE SAFETY Human Factors in Mining - CDC CDC GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION STAFF Website This Bureau of Mines report is directed toward summarizing the applica- tion of human factors to improving safety, productivity, and the general physical health and safety of all workers in and around mines. Download
5 04/29/2021 BOTDA DARK FIBER SENSORS HELPING IDENTIFY LANDSLIDES DARK FIBERS AND LANDSLIDES FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE Meng Zhao Website PPP-BOTDA Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology and Its Application to the Baishuihe Landslide Download
6 07/10/2021 WHY WIND TURBINES CATCH FIRE Wind turbines catch fire because . . . FIRE TRACE INTERNATIONAAL Suzi Mein Website Fire is the second most common type of catastrophic wind turbine accident behind blade failure. However, by understanding and addressing fire risks, you can mitigate or even prevent fire damage in wind turbines. We will explore some of the reasons why wind turbines catch fire and options for mitigating risk. Download
7 06/01/2021 MINE INSPECTIONS Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR MSHA STAFF Website MSHA is required to inspect each underground mine four times a year and each surface mine twice a year for health and safety compliance. Certain mines with high levels of explosive or toxic gasses are inspected more often. Inspections are also conducted in response to complaints of hazardous conditions. Download
8 06/01/2021 GUIDANCE ON THE ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKFORCE How to prioritize the ability of essential workers CYBERSECURITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY WEBSITE STAFF AT CISA Website The Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance Version 4.1 provides guidance on how jurisdictions and critical infrastructure owners can use the list to assist in prioritizing the ability of essential workers to work safely while supporting ongoing infrastructure operations across the Nation. Download
9 02/23/2021 CONCRETE SOLUTIONS TO AGING BRIDGES HOW TO FIX PROBLEMS WITH AGING BRIDGES CIVIL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING STAFF - CIVIL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Website University Park, Pa. — According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the state leads the nation in the number of bridges classified as "structurally deficient." Its 25,000 state-owned bridges are aging — their average age is over 50 years — and in need of repair. Penn State Civil engineer Farshad Rajabipour and his colleagues are working on solutions. Download
10 07/29/2021 HOW TO DISPOSE OF CHEMICAL WASTE Getting ready to dispose of dangerous chemicals R3 ENVIRONMENTAL LIBRARY Jim Brown Website Chemical waste is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). It cannot be disposed of in regular trash or in the sewer system. Let R3 help you dispose of your harardous materials safely and legally. Download