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1 08/02/2020 High blood sugar may limit aerobic exercise capacity A study finds that hyperglycemia makes it more difficult for people to increase their aerobic capacity. MEDICAL NEWS TODAY Robby Berman Website Regular aerobic exercise provides various health benefits, which heighten as a person increases their aerobic capacity. Doctors recommend this form of exercise to help control diabetes, but people with diabetes often have trouble improving this capacity. Hyperglycemia, or higher-than-normal levels of blood sugar, may prevent people from increasing their aerobic capacity and gaining the health benefits that this type of exercise can provide. Download
2 11/14/2019 SENIOR HEALTH TIPS EXERCISE & STRENGTH TRAINING Silver Tivity Health, Inc Website SilverSneakers® is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans. Download
3 11/14/2019 EARLY SIGNS OF DEMENTIA QUIZ MEMORY, BALANCE, STRENGTH AND OTHER SIGNS PSYCOM.NET PSYCOM Website Do I Have Dementia? Dementia describes a wide range of symptoms associated with impairments in thought, communication, and memory that interfere with an individual's ability to perform everyday activities. While Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, dementia symptoms can be attributed to various medical conditions. Download