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UNITY CITY . . .  A healthy living concept designed to change the way society functions. With an emphasis on heaolth and wellness, UNITY CITY delivers programs, activities, technology, furnishings and accommodations designed to improve all aspects of ones health.

UNITY CITY changes your priorities and puts the focus on being proactive and staying active. We strive to help our members implement a personal health management system designed to address their specific”Health & Wellness needs.”

UNITY CITY helps each memebr idenitfy what works for them by using a state-of–the-art HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM called the eHEALTH CAFE. The CAFE takes a deep dive into subjects like nutrition, exercise, rest, stress management, entertainment, recreation and relationships, just to name a few. The CAFE is used to help you set your goals and then act on those plans to improve the way you manage topics like aging, pain, balance, strength, sleep, strength, nutrition, energy level, overall fitness, mental health, pyschological health, finances and social engagement.

UNITY CITY promotes concepts like longevity and healthy living. Today, there are more people living to be 90 years of age than at any other time in history. There are also more Seniors looking for the proverbial fountain of youth and when possible, extend life – even if it is just for a few days, few months or few years.

UNITY CITY has a simple goal – to improve the quality of life. While there is no guarantee on tomorrow, we do have today and with it, we can implement the elements of a personalized health and wellness program dedicated to increase one’s energy level, improve bodily functions and provide some peace of mind that comes from giving a good effort each and every day. This  state-of-the-art web-based project and goal management program is located on a secured computer network and exists in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

UNITY CITY is dedicated to the operation of an ultra modern, energy efficient, futuristic city that includes energy efficient HVAC systems, advanced air and water purification systems, unique motion-activated lighting systems, voice activated thermostat controls and many other technological advances designed to make one’s living space as healthy and functional as possible.  Within the confines of our energy efficient, concrete fortress, you will benefit from our safe, sound-proof living space that is capable of reducing our carbon footprint and in the process, create the ultimate in clean and healthy living.

UNITY CITY has what the Senior crowd is looking for.  It is exactly what is needed to help seniors get the most out of their 4th quarter in life. While we may try and extend life, we definitely want to improve the quality along the way. We refer to these youthful souls as “Seen-agers.” These articulate people are affectionately referred to as pioneers in the pursuit of longevity and Unity City is making the extra effort to help them get the most out of life however long that may be.

UNITY CITY has an anti-aging program that gives people the extra edge as they look to reverse the “getting old” process and eliminate the risk factors from daily existence. As you will see, UNITY CITY is going the extra mile to accommodate Seniors and their desire to live a healthy active lifestyle.

UNITY CITY presents an amazing opportunity to help residents achieve a better quality of life. A staple in our program offers new rules that promote fun ways to do things better.

UNITY CITY engages personal trainers, medical doctors, health practitioners and advanced network administrators to implement and monitor a resident’s health and wellness. With proper coaching and positive motivation, Unity City is capable of delivering a whole new way of living. If change is the only constant in life , then Unity City is right on target with its high-tech personalized digital health management system designed to inspire Seniors to embrace change and take control of their own personal health management program.

UNITY CITY members take responsibility for their own health management.  In the process, we encourage members to get excited about taking on new challenges each and every day. The goal is to help everyone live life to its fullest and make sure every day is worth remembering.

Unity City offers quality health care services for seniors.

Unity City has “Everything You Need To Live a Healthy Active Lifestyle!” Our Programs are loaded with useful, functional services that allow seniors to get fit and stay fit. But that’s not all, when you move into Unity City you will also get the most amazing customer support around!

  • Unity City offers personalized digital content that will always look good on any screen size.
  • Unity City gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents in a new and creative living environment.
  • Advanced support services and program options allow you to easily customize your life plan.

Unity City Has Motivation & Incentives To Reward You For Your Hard Work!

We’ve added several new programs designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy.
Our Performance Coaches
will help you design an amazing game plan to get more out of life.

Unity City is a world class facility that is energy efficient and fully functional with regards to its ability to motivate, inspire and lead a whole new generation of seniors to new heights and new accomplishments.

Unity City has a lineup of products and services that is loaded with features and options that make it easy for you to build a life of choices and accomplishments. We’ve put a lot of thought and care into making Unity City user-friendly, and our highly successful anti-aging programs are proof to that point. We know you will enjoy Unity City as much as we do. We offer many options like multiple styles of room layouts that allow you to choose 2, 3 or 4 bedroom living environments. We offer 7 different lifestyle plans to give you multiple choices that include new activity levels, each with different timelines. And of course our Senior Living Center includes all of our anti-aging programs. Unity City also includes free support and future updates that will always include new features and programs derived from our user feedback forms. When you move into Unity City, you will be moving into the future of Senior Living and this may be the last time you ever move into another living environment!

Unity City is dedicated to helping seniors get the most our of life. With our commitment to living a healthy active lifestyle, we promote the positive choices one can make with regards to activities, nutrition, exercise, meditation, relationships and other factors that impact the aging process.
Our belief is one that as a senior, one has an additional responsibility to live a life that would make other seniors proud. Our goal is to live life to its fullest, not one where we just wither away and die.
At Unity City we promise to provide each and every resident an opportunity to get healthy and stay healthy.
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Number of Seniors living to be 90
Percent of Population 90 Yrs Old or older
Number of centenarians alive in the US in 2010
Oldest Senior Alive Today

Amazing Health & Wellness Programs Designed to Extend Life

  • Attitude is Everything when it comes to taking on the Aging Project
  • Living Everyday to its Fullest is a Key to Getting Another Day
  • Understanding Your Health Can Be Managed is a First Step Toward Improving It
  • Healthy nutrition is vital towards understanding how good health works.
  • Managing variables like meds, pain, rest and diet are keys to staying healthy.
  • Our Professional staff offers coaching because we care about you as much as you do.
  • Learning to deal with change is important to managing your future.
  • Join us for a tour of Unity City and see why everyone loves our new community!