“INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” is a powerful, cloud-based infrastructure management system designed to help you manage your projects. From setting goals, listing action steps, setting timelines, assigning tasks, recording results and maintaining good follow up techniques, you will be able to address everything that needs to be done to identify and protect your people, inventory, structures, systems and processes.


Primarily, “INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” serves as a project mgt program. The CAFE has over 50 tools to allow you manage every step along the way to insure you complete your projects in a professional and timely manner.
These “Tools” help you complete all of the tasks required to serve your clients infrastructure needs. You can customize the system to handle proper evaluation, implementation, protection and monitoring of your most valuable assests.
When it comes to handling projects, in the world of infrastructure management, these include things like mine safety, oil & gas pipeline maintenance, security, corrosion and system failure.


“DASHBOARD” lets you manage your infrastructure related projects, goals and action steps in our easy-to-use,  interactive project DASHBOARD.
“DASHBOARD” is where one can assign your support team various tasks that need to be completed. Team members can log in and see DASHBOARD to see what is happening with regards to their projects. 
“DASHBOARD” is where one creates and organizes your list of “key” projects, goals, tasks and action steps. Once these key functions are identified by mgt, DASHBOARD helps to delegate responsibilities to insure your key people, inventory, structures, systems and processes are protected.
DASHBOARD serves as a guide to help identify timelines and action steps required to achieve stated goals and to insure success.
“INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” has tools to help build the “RoadMaps to Success” which are key to achieving the targeted success needed when handling critical infrastructure projects. 
“INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” delivers a robust project mgt software program that has tools to help create the master security plan. 
“INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” has the functionality to get everyone on same page and have them pull in the same direction when doing whatever it takes to get the job done and achieve success.



“INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE” includes over 50+ impressive Project Mgt and Goal Setting tools which play a huge role in the effective management of ones infrastructure.

In a recent survey, we asked past and present clients what they liked best about using our “CAFE” Project Management System. This is how our clients responded to what they liked best about the “CAFE” management experience . . . 


Effective Project Management 100%
Improve Employee Safety 91%
Help Achieve Environmental Goals 88%
Improve Communication 89%
Intelligent Financial Investment 93%



User Reviews

Extremely pleased with the advanced DASHBOARD
Bob, Warehouse Manager
Made managing our projects so much more of a team effort
Cathy, Controller
Very easy to customize to suit my company’s specific needs
Robert, Mechanical Engineer

INFRASTRUCTURE CAFE can help you and your company achieve success.
We eliminate infrastructure risks in the workplace.

The “CAFE” Project Management System is fully adaptable
to handle any project in any company in any industry.

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