THE DIGITAL CAFE is an elite service provider offering world class software to promote solutions like dark sensor technology to companies either to purchase and use as they see fit or to hire the engineering team to come onto your property and provide the valuable services of inspection, assessment, and detection services for you on a project basis. Once we make our recommendations, we can then see if you would like to use our DIGITAL CAFE Project team to handle the repairs.

In either case, there is an inordinate amount of information that has to be shared with each type of project. And the THE DIGITAL CAFE is just the software to do it. Our interactive DASHBOARD shows an immense amount of information with regards to what projects are live, who is doing what, when it is being done and if it was done, then what were the results.

DIGITAL CAFE offers real time online reports to show what has been entered in to the system and shows who is doing what. The system includes a REMINDER SYSTEM so one can send reminders so important tasks and activities get done ontime and hopefully, under budget.

DIGITAL CAFE includes a TRACKING SYSTEM so one can set up special parameters and begin to track those special conditions or variables. When it comes to infrastructure, there are 1000 elements that must be considered so we allow those to be enetered once but accessed 100’s of times. It is a system built on sound logic and incredible development. It is a miracle that we sit here today and be able to offer this solution based system for your consideration.