THE DIGITAL CAFE IS MORE THAN A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. We are focused on the global neeed for critical resource repair. Our software helps promote and manage processes like dark fiber sensors that deliver crucial information on wall strength, pipe deformation, corrosion, wall thickness, pressure, strain, temperature and other variables not seen by the naked eye.


THE DIGITAL CAFE develops, markets, and distributes a suite of engineering, installation, and security management solutions to industries and governments on an international level.

THE DIGITAL CAFE helps manage the processes associated with projects like ultra-high sensitivity infrastructure monitoring that provides enhanced visibility to enterprises, allowing them to detect corrosion and system weaknesses before leaks, spills, and other tragic losses. Our system helps companies with the appropriate technology to outperform all other distributed fiber sensors in the market.

The company delivers security and monitoring systems in applications for border security, pipelines, the oil and gas industry, and mine safety, just to name a few.

THE DIGITAL CAFE is expanding its offerings into services. Our growing  suite of solutions address global critical resource and infrastructure challenges.