R3 Environmental Management is a professional chemical management company who specializes in the identification, packing, labeling and removal of dangerous and harmful chemicals.

R3 offers 3 main areas of expertise. These areas consist of Environmental Mgt Consulting, Environmental Mgt Field Services and Environmental Mgt Project Mgt Software.

  1. R3 Consulting Services
    include helping organizations perform safety assessments, inventory mgt, and helping plan and execute an organization’s chemical management plan.
  2. R3 Environmental Field Services include:
    – Waste Permitting and Disposal
    – Laboratory Chemical Packaging and Disposal (Lab Pack)
    – Drum Sampling and Identification
    – 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response
    – Unknown Chemical Identification
    – Tank Cleaning and Removal
    – Facility Decontamination and/or Closure
    – Analytical Laboratory Testing
    – Chemical Transfer
    – Engineering Services
    – Industrial Hygiene
    – Waste Transportation
    – Chemical Inventory
    – Training
    – Compliance Reporting
  3. R3 Environmental Project Mgt Software Services