“My R3 Cafe” starts by giving you the tools you need to list all projects you wish to accomplish.

“My R3 Cafe” gives you the tools to list all of the goals related to each particular project.

“My R3 Cafe” takes it one step further and gives you the tools you need to list all of the action steps needed to achieve each goal.

This “easy as 1-2-3” approach allows you to achieve success in virtually any area of interest.

“My R3 Cafe” offers individual Cafes for your business as well.  Wait til you see it in action. You are going to love it!

“My R3 Cafe” is an effective project management system that includes 3 main websites. They are

Each site has a key role in allowing you to customize each project, goal, and action step and in the process, create meaningful drop downs for you and your team to use as guides to achieve success.

These 3 websites create the entrance way into one of the most powerful project mgt systems ever created. One that includes over 40 managerial tools that are built in to help you and your team achieve success in your personal or professional life. These 40+ managerial functions help you to manage your personal development, your business plan, your team’s development, your clients goals and in the end, your own personal success.

The Interactive User Dashboard handles registration and log in capability, which gives you and your team access to your dashboard so you can start to manage your Projects, Goals and Action Steps. We invite you to take a test drive so you can see the attention to detail. You can also see the 10,000 ft view from the Goal Summary screen, online real-time reports and a helpful reminder system to remind you about finishing key tasks and activities.

The ADMIN SYSTEM has 5 distinct Mgt programs built into the DASHBOARD. They include Project Mgt, Goal Mgt, Role Mgt, Personnel Mgt and Activity Mgt. The ADMIN SYSTEM also includes a Label Mgt system to customize each link, drop down and screen to fit your exact needs. Throw in a Digital Reminder system, an Activity Tracking System, a Task Manager and many other tools and you get over 40 functions designed to help you create your Project list & Goal list, track your Activity, achieve your desired Results and realize Success in all of your endeavors.

The key to getting the job done is to be able to see all project-related activity in real time and make sure the tasks that need to get completed get done in a timely fashion.