MY R3 CAFE “Dashboard” is dedicated to helping you manage your chemicals while keeping your workplace safe and your employees healthy.

The “Dashboard” helps you create PROJECTS, set GOALS, and list the ACTION STEPS required to achieve your environmental goals and effectively identify, label, pack and dispose of your chemicals in an safe manner.

The “Dashboard”  is the COMMAND CENTER to help list all of the chemical-related PROJECTS you would like to work on.


Then, you can select the project GOALS you would like toachieve. Then you can set up the ROLES for each team member.  Then, you can create a list of ACTION STEPS that will help you manage all of the CHEMICALS.

MY R3 CAFE offers ways to use cloud-based computing power to your advantage. This immense amount of computer power can do things our brain can’t and in this proverbial war against dangerous, harmful chemicals, we now have the tools and the power to take the challenge head on and minimize the risk and often times eliminate the risk completely.

The DASHBOARD is the digital brain for managing your chemical inventory. Here you can track the activities required to effectively identify, label, pack and dispose of each harmful chemical safely.

The DASHBOARD displays all of your project management activity. You can see all projects, goals, action steps and timelines crucial to managing various tasks and achieving desired results.

This DASHBOARD houses a powerful tracking system that acts as an interactive scoreboard to record, edit, track and delegate responsibilities.