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MY R3 CAFE is available to purchase if you wish to have a CAFE customized for your company and use it on a company-wide basis to build bridges with your clients, vendors, suppliers and prospective clients.

If you feel you are ready to share your knowledge to help your clients manage their risk factors that comes from using dangerous chemicals, it may be time to consider having the CAFE Software Division customize a CAFE for you. 

The CAFE Software Division will implement a custom CAFE based on the specifics of your company. This addition to your company offerings will help you launch a brand new division within your company. Now, through the CAFE Software division, you can have the same “MY R3 CAFE” customized to fit your business model and with it, you can connect with all of your clients, suppliers and vendors by plugging them into your very own project management system.

Once you become familiar with the power behind “MY R3 CAFE”, you will begin to realize how your business can benefit from having their very own CAFE ~ better service, better communication, better follow up, better tracking, better results and better success which breeds more success down the road.

WITH YOUR VERY OWN “CAFE”, your client’s can tap in to your “KNOWLEDGE BASE”. With the CAFE, you can provide extreme value to your own clients. ONCE we upload your processes, goals, action steps and implement the DASHBOARD, you can begin to show your clients how they can become more successful in managing their business by using your products, services and solutions.

The CAFE Software Division will assist you in setting up the CAFE system which includes everythuing from SOUP to NUTS. We will help identify and create a custom CAFE website, identify key projects, help set important goals, start assigning tasks and begin tracking progress.

MY R3 CAFE  is a cloud-based project management software system that can become a huge part of your business and its effort to improve relations with your clients, employees, vendors, suppliers and new prospective clients.

The CAFE will empower you and your colleagues to make a difference in the success of others while “working from anywhere” as long as you have an Internet connection.

Once you launch your very own CAFE, you will have total access to use this world-class project management software program to help others get their list of projects up and running and help them achieve success in their specific areas of interest.

The CAFE offers a tremendous step forward in this digital age and it should be reassuring to know that we will be by your side helping every step of the way.