eHealth Cafe is a powerful array of programs, apps, events and activities designed to empower you in your quest to become the best you can be. Inside the Cafe, you will find functional apps and events designed to educate, motivate and equip you with the tools necessary to help you start to list, track, modify and execute your master plans for anything in your life from managing your health and wellness to planning your next career move to scheduling travel to everything in between.

One area where the eHealth Cafe shines is in being able to help you take charge of your very own Personal Health Management Program. Inside, you will find this very successful performance management app known as CreateAGoal.comĀ  By signing up and logging in, you will now be able to identify and record all of the variables that effect your daily life in some way and then, over time, be able to identify which factors contribute to your overall ability to live a long, healthy active lifestyle. has an easy-to-use goal management admin system that allows you access to one of the most powerful performance-based dashboards in the world. Once you begin to understand how this app can dramatically improve your energy level, your mental health and your physical health, you will find new ways to use the app to empower those around you.