Jim Brown, CEO of The Performance Center ~ a modern digital productivity center; has spent the past 30+ years helping businesses implement new programs, new products, new services and new technologies.

Jim has a keen eye for “next gen” apps and tools and is quite the visionary when it comes to achieving “best case scenarios.”  Jim has consistently identify situations in a client’s business that have been improved upon. In the process, Jim helped those businesses improve their bottom line by generating more sales,  improving communication and lowering operating costs.

Jim has spent the past 5 years in development of this ground breaking project management system known as The Digital Cafe, a powerful, fully interactive web-based project mgt software program that sits in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere on the planet. The driving principle is to empower individuals to be able to better manage projects, goals and action steps while appointing roles to key team members to insure success.

Jim has Fortune 100 experience as a key contributor to improving the bottom line at several Fortune 100 companies. ie. United Airlines, Comcast Business Services, Xerox Corp, Hilton Corp and Baxter Health Care.  Jim has served his community as well as he has also helped 100’s of small to medium sized businesses create and implement sales and marketing strategies that have increased sales and profits. Jim has also contributed as a creative director where he has actually gone hands on and used Photoshop, Quark Express, Dreamweaver, Word Press and a mariad of other programs to produce graphics, logos, print materials, web pages and web-based data management systems designed to add features and functions to the client’s own tool box.