“My R3 CAFE” is a chemical management software program that uses cloud-based technology so you and your team can access your organization’s critical chemical-related data anytime, anywhere.  “My R3 CAFE” serves many useful functions in an organization’s pursuit of safe and efficient management of its chemicals and hazardous waste. First and foremost, the CAFE serves as a project mgt program that allows you to customize and manage every step along the way to insure proper identification, packing and disposal of your hazardous materials. “My R3 CAFE” delives a complete list of all of your chemical-related projects, goals and action steps in our easy-to-use, project management DASHBOARD.



“My R3 CAFE” delivers 50+ tools designed to effectively manage the identification, labeling, packing and safe disposal of your chemical inventory. Our advanced chemical management system helps you manage each project with cloud-based goal management, allowing you and your team to set goals and create action steps that relate to the safe and timely handling and disposing of your hazardous materials.

“My R3 CAFE” is a powerful, cloud-based chemical management system designed to help you manage projects, set goals and create action steps that relate to handling and disposing of your hazardous materials.

“My R3 Cafe” is a multi-functional software program that serves many useful functions. Primarily, it serves as a project mgt program that allows you to customize and manage every step along the way to insure proper disposal of your hazardous materials.

“My R3 Cafe” DASHBOARD serves as a guide to help manage specific projects, goals, timelines and action steps required to achieve your stated goals.

“My R3 Cafe” includes tools to help build “RoadMaps to Success” which are key to the sucess when identifying, labeling, packing and disposing of hazardous chemicals. 

“My R3 Cafe” allows you to assign specific tasks to members  on your support team. This function allows each team mamber to log in to the DASHBOARD to see what is happening in real time.  

“My R3 Cafe” will help create your list of “vitally important” projects, goals, tasks and action steps.

“My R3 Cafe” has the functionality to get everyone on same page and have them pull in the same direction to do whatever it takes to get the job done and achieve success.

Cloud-Based Chemical Mgt Software

Online tools to help you identify your chemical inventory and its safe storage.

Manage Your Chemical Inventory and Improve The Disposal Process

My R3 Cafe is a powerful project management system with a fully functional, cloud-based web interface helping you and your company manage the safe disposal of your hazardous chemicals.









Planning Tools To Help YOU Succeed

List all projects, create goals, assign tasks, track progress to manage your chemicals.

Manage Projects, Create Goals, Assign Tasks and Track Your Progress

My R3 Cafe schedules the tasks to identify, label, pack and dispose of harmful chemicals. You can see in real time the action steps required to safely dispose of dangerous toxins.









Action Steps That Lead to Results.

Every plan needs goals and action steps and a way to track the progress in order to be effective

Tools to Help Manage Projects and Build Effective RoadMAPS to Success

My R3 Cafe helps managers to enter projects, goals and action steps.  The system then informs all interested parties are informed about the safe removal of dangerous chemicals.










“MY R3 CAFE” includes over 50+ impressive Project Mgt and Goal Setting tools which play a huge role in the effective management of hazardous chemicals.

In a recent survey, we asked past and present clients what they liked best about using our “CAFE” Project Management System. This is how our clients responded to what they liked best about the “CAFE” experience . . . 




Effective Project Management 100%
Improve Employee Safety 91%
Help Achieve Environmental Goals 88%
Improve Communication 89%
Intelligent Financial Investment 93%

Chemical Management Software with custom lists for projects, goals, action steps and timely reminders.


User Reviews

Extremely pleased with the advanced DASHBOARD
Bob, Warehouse Manager
Made managing our projects so much more of a team effort
Cathy, Controller
Very easy to customize to suit my company’s specific needs
Robert, Mechanical Engineer

MY R3 CAFE is a powerful chemical management system that can help you and your company achieve success while working to eliminate risks associated with using hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

The “CAFE” Project Management System is fully adaptable to any industry, any company or any subject.

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